Hawaii USDA Loans

The U.S. Department of Agriculture offers 100% financing on Rural Development home loans to Hawaii residents who meet income criteria and plan to buy in USDA-eligible areas. Please use the USDA’s eligibility search tool to find your location, or Contact Us for immediate assistance.

USDA Purchase

Looking for a Hawaii mortgage with no down payment? Hawaii Mortgage Company is a local, Honolulu-based lender that offers 100% Rural Development financing for eligible borrowers. Borrowers whose desired home’s value is greater than appraised can receive up to 102% financing.   

Benefit from:

  • 30 year fixed-rate mortgages
  • $0 down payment
  • Low USDA mortgage rates
  • Local financing
  • Credit in mid-600s OK

Rural Development Loan Requirements

Borrowers must have a total household income that is below the USDA’s income limit, which varies depending on the number of household residents and age of the primary mortgageholder.  

USDA loans require an upfront premium of 2% the mortgage loan amount, in addition to an annual premium of 0.5% the loan. The annual premium is prorated over 12 months and paid alongside the monthly principal and interest.

Single family residences are the only properties eligible to be backed by USDA.

How to Apply

Get pre-qualified online by a local lender. Hawaii Mortgage Company has a secure, short application that will streamline the process. Access it now by clicking: Pre-Qualify Me.

Borrowers and home buyers seeking more information about the USDA’s Rural Development program in Hawaii can visit the official USDA Hawaii page by clicking here. Serving Oahu – Hawaii – Maui – Lanai – Molokai – Kauai 

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