Construction & Renovation Loans

Wishing to build on vacant land or tear down what’s already there and start fresh? Maybe your family has outgrown your home and need to add on? Or are you looking to purchase a property but the only places you have seen don’t meet all your requirements or is just old and dated?

Hawaii Mortgage Company offers many flexible options to build from scratch, renovate your existing home, or purchase and renovate.

Construction and renovation financing is a specialty of lending. Unless the loan originator you work with does them, and does them often, you could find your dream project remain that – just a dream. Luckily Hawaii Mortgage Company has the experience and track record for all types of construction and renovation loan products.

Benefit from:

  • Fixed-Rate and Adjustable-Rate options
  • Local financing
  • Credit in mid-600s OK

Construction & Renovation RequirementsWith so many variables, no website could list all the rules and regulations. If you want more information on this specialty loan product, please give us a call so that we can speak specifically of your unique scenario.

How to Apply
Get pre-approved today! Hawaii Mortgage Company has a secure, online application that will streamline the process. Access it here.

Want to learn more about construction & renovation options? Contact one of Hawaii Mortgage Company’s experienced Construction Lending professionals for a hassle-free explanation of this loan program. Serving Oahu – Hawaii – Maui – Lanai – Molokai – Kauai