Conventional Loans

Conventional loans are typically the loans offered by every lender. When you hear the names Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, those are the government entities that buy conventional loans from lenders.
Conventional loans offer the greatest amount of choice in products and options. Conventional loans are available with as little as 3% in a down payment. Mortgage Insurance is required on all loans in which the down payment or equity in a refinance is less than 20%.

Benefit from:

  • Fixed-Rate and Adjustable-Rate options
  • Low down payment
  • Greatest option of loan products available
  • Local financing
  • Credit in low-600s OK

Conventional Loan RequirementsFannie Mae and Freddie Mac mandatory waiting period if you have had a significant derogatory credit experience. These include foreclosure, short-sales, and bankruptcy. Each waiting period is different and differs depending on the down payment for a purchase or equity position on a refinance.

How to Apply
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