Throttling Explained


I am sure most of you have rented a car or booked a hotel, or searched for airline tickets online. If you have, you have experienced THROTTLING. Just like the throttle on your car’s engine, a throttle makes things go fast, or slow things down. Lots of industries use this same concept to either regulate… [Read More]

Rates & A Fed Rate Cut (7/27/2019)

I am very impressed that so many people I spoke to this week have asked about mortgage rates next week, when the Federal Reserve is expected to cut rates. This was the perfect catalyst for this week’s article. Raise your hand if you believe that if the Fed cuts rates next week it will lower… [Read More]

What is Amortization?

Amortization #1

Amortization is the method used to pay off debt over a specific time period with even regular payments. All mortgage payments are based on the amortization method. Under this system, you only pay interest on the remaining principal balance. As the principal reduces over time, the amount of interest charged drops. Because your payment is… [Read More]

The Irony of Having a Higher Income

I always appreciate getting inspiration for a newsletter article from my clients. This week, a very successful physician was dismayed as to why we were having difficulty getting his loan approved. Now in my 23rd year of mortgage financing, despite the ups and downs of the real estate market, and no matter the interest rate… [Read More]

What Happens (with your mortgage) When You Die?

I am often asked how I come up with new topics to write about every week. Now after writing this newsletter for 11 years, it sometimes is more difficult than others. I am thankful that I have great clients that always ask really good questions. In fact, as soon as this question was asked, I… [Read More]

Major Change for Low-Down Program

Fannie Mae’s Home Possible and Freddie Mac’s Home Ready programs are a minimum 3% down-payment program. It has been one of the best new programs to be introduced since the housing crash of 2008. These programs allow those with moderate income to put just 3% down, yet receive some of the best rates available, and… [Read More]

Hawaii’s Awkward Title Systems

The State of Hawaii uses two very different systems to recognize the rightful ownership of property. Today we’ll touch onto this complicated topic. If you have questions, consult an attorney licensed in Hawaii, and who specializes in real estate law. The two systems are the Regular System and Land Court. In general, properties that were… [Read More]

How Should You Hold Title?

If you are planning on buying a property, or may already own one, you should give some serious consideration as to how you hold your interest in that property. Today we explore your options. While this may seem like a very boring and esoteric topic, it is very important for you to understand which option… [Read More]

What will it Cost You to Wait?


Everyone in Hawaii realizes we have some of the most expensive real estate in the country. I got into the mortgage industry 22 years ago with the hope of helping people obtain financing to obtain the home of their dreams. That is why it saddens me so often these days that many of our friends… [Read More]

The Rent is too Damn High


Rents across our Aloha state are nothing to say mahalo for. Hawaii has some of the highest residential rental costs in the country. With interest rates still in the 4% range, more inventory now available throughout the state, and mortgage interest still allowed as a deduction, why are most renters still renting? This week, let’s… [Read More]