Vacant Land Financing

With the new year there’s been a spike in inquires from those interested in buying land and building. This week we will dive into the background and requirements to buy land and constructing a home. Vacant land financing is probably the least favorable real estate loan banks offer. The reason for this has to do… [Read More]

Property Management Companies

In the course of providing financing for a condo, lenders must obtain information about the condo project in order to determine if the project meets the guidelines set by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or the bank’s own internal lending policies. The information required is gathered, kept, maintained, and distributed in almost all cases by the… [Read More]

Welcome to the World of iBuyers

They’re not iPhones, nor iPads, not any other “thing” one can own. iBuyers are internet based companies that buy homes from you the public, then resells them for a profit. These are not the “fix and flip” guys you may have seen on TV. These are shrewd business people looking to take advantage of consumers…. [Read More]

Being Tech Savvy

If there is one topic I have written the most about in all my years of producing this weekly newsletter, it has to be on how technology has impacted the way consumers obtain a mortgage. This week we will focus on the documentation, skills and hardware you will need to effectively navigate the mortgage process…. [Read More]

News for Hawaii’s Condo Market

For the past several years it has been nearly impossible to get FHA financing on a condo. FHA announced this week changes that will dramatically change things. FHA financing allows for those with little money for a down payment, challenged credit, limited credit, or lower income – one or all of these could be your… [Read More]

Throttling Explained


I am sure most of you have rented a car or booked a hotel, or searched for airline tickets online. If you have, you have experienced THROTTLING. Just like the throttle on your car’s engine, a throttle makes things go fast, or slow things down. Lots of industries use this same concept to either regulate… [Read More]

Rates & A Fed Rate Cut (7/27/2019)

I am very impressed that so many people I spoke to this week have asked about mortgage rates next week, when the Federal Reserve is expected to cut rates. This was the perfect catalyst for this week’s article. Raise your hand if you believe that if the Fed cuts rates next week it will lower… [Read More]

What is Amortization?

Amortization #1

Amortization is the method used to pay off debt over a specific time period with even regular payments. All mortgage payments are based on the amortization method. Under this system, you only pay interest on the remaining principal balance. As the principal reduces over time, the amount of interest charged drops. Because your payment is… [Read More]

The Irony of Having a Higher Income

I always appreciate getting inspiration for a newsletter article from my clients. This week, a very successful physician was dismayed as to why we were having difficulty getting his loan approved. Now in my 23rd year of mortgage financing, despite the ups and downs of the real estate market, and no matter the interest rate… [Read More]

What Happens (with your mortgage) When You Die?

I am often asked how I come up with new topics to write about every week. Now after writing this newsletter for 11 years, it sometimes is more difficult than others. I am thankful that I have great clients that always ask really good questions. In fact, as soon as this question was asked, I… [Read More]